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Werkstätte is the only online shop worldwide which is specializing specifically in vintage Carl Auböck design. We have been researching and acquiring artworks by the famous Viennese Studio for the past 15 years. Our collection currently encompasses more than 1,000 pieces, and many of them quite rare and sought-after. 

In 2012, we authored and co-edited a 240-page book called Carl Auböck – The Workshop. In 2015, we teamed up with Patrick Parrish Gallery to successfully showcase more than 400 pieces at Design Miami Basel. Beyond this, we maintain a steady contact with a global network of dealers, galleries and private collections. Any pieces you do not find on our site, we will gladly research and track down for you.

Carl Auböck – The Workshop

The Werkstätte Carl Auböck was founded in Vienna in 1912 by Karl Heinrich Auböck in a quiet street in Vienna’s 7th district. It was his son, Carl Auböck II, however, who created the signature style of the company: After studying in Weimar’s famed Bauhaus institute, he returned to Vienna in 1921 and stated: “Function needs form.” — This became the new credo of the workshop, and is also when the magic happened.

Carl II abandoned his father’s style of the classic Vienna Bronzes movement that was so popular at the time; He instead developed a more modern and independent style. From that time, four generations of Auböcks—all named Carl—have since imagined and produced more than 6,000 unique designs in this tradition, all of them manufactured from elemental materials such as brass, leather, wood and horn.

The mix of atavistic bronze-age charm, sophisticated fin de siècle irony and Bauhaus functionality never gets old. Well over a century after the first Auböck pieces saw the light of day, the company’s mythical objects have lost none of their timeless, whimsical old-world appeal and keep fascinating design aficionados around the globe.